Do CBD dog treats help with pain?

Dogs are very agile, and remarkable detail of their healthy lives comes from the movement they can do in a day. However, the more agile a dog is, the more prone it is to injury despite how careful the dog owner is of its well-being. It is prevalent for dogs to receive injuries as they curiously interact with their environment. It even goes to show that they are super active. Therefore, dog owners look for products that can help to treat the pets when they suffer from pain. CBD or cannabidiol is suggested to be very efficient in controlling stress levels and pain in dogs. Companies like InTune CBD create different CBD products for pets that can help them manage pain or anxiety. This increasing trend towards CBD treats has led dog owners to wonder whether it can help with pain relief if their dog ever requires it. We will try to look into this question briefly.

CBD as a pain reliever:

CBD is a chemical component out of 100 different chemicals found in Marijuana. It is a non-toxic and non-psychoactive drug which makes it very appealing to the mass market. It helps in strengthening brain signals to manage anxiety, lower stress, suppress pain, regulate body temperature, and form appetite in dogs. The component is conceived by the native receptors to cannabinoids in the brain in nearly all mammals. This is why it is also considered being effective in humans.

Although there is no current conclusive scientific proof on the usage of CBD treats in suppressing pain in dogs, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence by many dog owners indicating that it can treat seizures and pain, particularly neuropathic pain. Dr. Klien has suggested that CBD is very beneficial in treating pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, CBD treatment can help in treating pain received by the dog as a result of physical trauma. This effect can be attributed mainly to the serotonin-like impact of the drug on the mammalian body. When a CBD treat is ingested, it binds with those receptors in the brain that connect with serotonin. Serotonin is used by the brain to induce a feeling of pleasure, happiness, and controlling anxiety in mammals. This chemical compound also effectively suppresses pain. CBD acts very similarly in the body of dogs when ingested. Thus, they experience pain reduction and calm down.

However, there is still a significant error in knowledge regarding this reaction. Many people still believe that this sense of pain relief is a false state because TBD makes the dogs “high”. This is because of the origin of cannabidiol from the hemp plant that people believe it to be an abusive substance. Where in reality, THC, another component obtained from the hemp plant, is the real culprit that induces a condition of “high”. 


Conclusively, CBD is an effective drug in terms of eliminating the pain caused by neuropathy or physical trauma. Based on the majority consensus of dog owners, it does help in relieving pain endured by the dogs.

Author: Carolyn Mason